What is WakeNetwork?

WakeNetwork is a platform that provides digital services to alumni, parents, families, students, and friends of Wake Forest. You can connect with fellow Wake Foresters, update your personal information for the directory, view your giving history, make a gift or pledge payment, view your registration details for upcoming events and more.

Who can use WakeNetwork?

Only authorized users who have a pre-existing relationship with Wake Forest can access WakeNetwork.  If you are the spouse of a Wake Forest alumnus/a, parent, student, or friend, you are also eligible to use WakeNetwork. Individuals who are donors specifically to WFDD, Reynolda House, or the Wake Forest School of Medicine may not be eligible. If you are still uncertain, please reach out to the Records Department at alumrec@wfu.edu with questions.

How does WakeNetwork manage data privacy?

You can manage the visibility of your information as you see fit.  When you indicate a piece of data is private, that information will be excluded from qualifying you in searches and will no longer be visible to other Wake Foresters viewing your profile.  If for some reason you are not able to manage your information as you so choose, please contact the WakeNetwork team at wakenetwork.help@wfu.edu, and they will assist you.

Why does WakeNetwork require a Google, Amazon, or Apple account?

WakeNetwork leverages Google, Amazon, and Apple for identity management, thereby allowing you to avoid having to create another username and password.  You can access WakeNetwork via any Google, Amazon, or Apple account that you maintain.  At this time, Google, Amazon, and Apple are the only identity managers accepted for use in WakeNetwork.

How do I login for first time?

  1. Go to wakenetwork.wfu.edu
  2. Click the button that reads “Access your Network with Google”.
  3. Choose your sign in method: Google, Amazon, or Apple; and you will be guided through the authentication process using the selected account’s credentials.
  4. If this is your first time using WakeNetwork:
    • Select your relationship to Wake Forest.
    • Enter your first and last name then click “Search.”
    • Below you will see a list of Wake Foresters that matches your name input.  Select the one that represents you to begin verifying your identity.
    • Based on the information we have on file: you may be able to verify your identity in several ways:
      • Last four digits of your SSN, or
      • Wake Forest ID number (for faculty/staff, recent graduates, students, parents of students), or
      • Deacon token – enter your token in the field provided. (Note: this is case sensitive and should not contain spaces. This option only appears if you have received a token), or
      • Email address confirmation – by selecting a magic link sent to your email address on file.
  5. Once you have successfully verified your identity, agree to the terms of service by checking the box beside “I agree to the Terms of Service.”
  6. Click “Go to my account” to enter WakeNetwork.

How do I update my profile and set privacy levels?

How do I search for fellow Wake Foresters?

You can search the directory for alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff by their name, nickname, attend name, city/state, class year, employer, job skills, and affinity groups.  Searches for alumni can also use academic program, area of study (department), and student clubs and organizations.

How do I view my philanthropic relationship with Wake Forest?

How do I view my event registration details?

How do I view my fund’s financial information, scholarship recipient bios and thank you notes?

Why isn’t there an app?

We’re working on that!  In the meantime, iPhone users can log in to WakeNetwork in Safari, tap the “Share” icon, then tap “Add to Home Screen”.  Tap “Add” and a new icon for WakeNetwork will appear on your home screen!

What are the terms of service?

Wake Network is for official University and Alumni Association use and for individual communication of a personal nature among the alumni listed therein.

Use of the information found in Wake Network for any other purpose, including but not limited to, reproducing and storing in a retrieval system by any means, electronic or mechanical, or the use of addresses (electronic or otherwise), telephone numbers, or other information contained therein for any private, commercial, or political mailing is strictly prohibited and constitutes misappropriation of proprietary information.

Such unauthorized use may also violate the rights of privacy and/or publicity of individuals listed therein. Inappropriate use of the Wake Network may result in the complete revocation of your rights of access to Wake Network.

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