Wake Forest University Affinity Groups are communities of alumni, parents, students, and friends of Wake Forest connecting on the basis of shared interests or experiences. Affinity Groups are created by alumni around a profession, special interest, identity, or student group and provide alumni, parents, students, and friends with opportunities for networking, professional or personal development, lifelong learning, resource sharing, and an expanded sense of community. Similar to our regional alumni communities, Wake Forest Affinity Groups exist through the support of a volunteer leadership team that provides opportunities for virtual interactions and in-person events, on campus and out in our communities, that bring the Affinity Group members together in support of the group’s mission.

Association of Wake Forest University Black Alumni (AWFUBA)

The Association of Wake Forest University Black Alumni (AWFUBA) is committed to creating networking opportunities, social activities, and career-enhancement programs for African-American alumni and students of Wake Forest University.

President: Keenon Mann (’04)
Vice President: Ursula Williams (’03)
Secretary: Jeri Young (’93)
Graduate School Outreach: Zoe Stuckey (’21, MSBA ’23)
Social Media Chair: Andrea Bigelow (’95)

Decorated Deacs

Decorated Deacs is a volunteer-led community that aims to connect, honor and support military-affiliated Wake Forest students, alumni and friends, including veterans, active-duty personnel, National Guard members, reservists, and their families, through dialogue, advocacy, networking, mentoring and service.

Decorated Deacs is committed to:

  • Facilitating both professional and social networking opportunities for those who have served, continue to serve or have a connection with the United States armed forces
  • Providing support and encouragement activities for veterans and active-duty personnel and their families
  • Assisting current Wake Forest ROTC organizations with recruitment, retention and development of programs
  • Celebrating national service within the Wake Forest community.

President: Vice Admiral Clinton “Forrest” Forrest Faison III MD (’80, SCD ’18, P ’23)

Global Deacs

Global Deacs is an affinity group for alumni, students, parents, and friends working or interested in international affairs.

President: Kate Maloney (’97)


MAD DEACS is the WFU Affinity Group for Media, Marketing, Advertising and PR professionals and students. MAD DEACS aims to connect working professionals together and give students a better idea of what it’s like to work in the media, marketing, and advertising fields.

MAD DEACS is currently recruiting new volunteers, especially in the New York City area. Please email Gray Godwin at allenlg@wfu.edu if you are interested.

Wake Forest Hispanic/Latino Alumni Association (HOLAA)

HOLAA is the affinity group for Wake Forest alumni who identify with a Latin American or Spanish speaking cultural heritage. We are dedicated to uniting and celebrating our diverse culture while creating a support system for undergraduates and alumni.

President: Nancy Díaz (’13)
Vice President: Pete Bondy (’67)
Vice President: Jacob Martinez (’13)
Secretary: Tiffany Virgin (’15)
Immediate Past President: Cazandra Rebollar (’16, MA ’18)


WAKE THE ARTS is an alumni affinity group dedicated to spreading awareness of the positive impact of the transformative arts throughout all aspects of life, while advocating the advancement of careers in the visual and performing sector. We aim to help bridge connections among alumni, parents, and friends in the visual and performing arts through the cultivation of a robust community that encompasses both Arts professionals and Arts lovers.

WAKE THE ARTS is currently recruiting volunteers. Please email Gray Allen at allenlg@wfu.edu if you are interested.

Wake NOW (Network of Women)

Wake NOW (Network of Women) is the Wake Forest University affinity group for current students, alumnae, and parents dedicated to providing enriching personal and professional development opportunities to women of the University community. Wake NOW is committed to meaningful programming, engaging conversation and the creation of sustained relationships among the women of Wake Forest. All Wake Foresters who identify as women are welcome.

New York Chair: Allegra Brochin (’19)

Washington, D.C. Chair/Co-Chairs: Currently recruiting

Wake on Wall Street

Wake on Wall Street is the WFU Affinity Group dedicated to increasing the awareness & brand value of Wake Forest alumni & students in the world of Business, Finance & related fields through networking, job placement, and education.

Co-President: Dave Hanson (’05)
Co-President: Matt Hultquist (’01)
Co-President: Will Sinclair (’07)

WFU Muslim Alumni

WFU Muslim Alumni Association seeks to advocate for the advancement of Muslim life and foster an inclusive Muslim community through a network of support and mentorship between students and alumni.

Co-President: Moose Abdullah (’10)
Co-President: Fahim Gulamali (’14)