Pro Humanitate Days

Pro Humanitate Days

Pro Humanitate Days 2020

Despite challenging circumstances, Wake Foresters everywhere found ways to demonstrate their Pro Humanitate spirit, to serve others, and to give of themselves for the betterment of humanity, even from the confines of their homes. This year over 250 alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents, and friends submitted Pro Humanitate activities, ways that they were giving back to their community, even in the midst of the pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who showed the world that #GoodWearsBlack. We look forward to recognizing you in the upcoming months and showing our appreciation for all you’ve done to benefit the communities in which you live.

We look forward to hopefully returning to our standard Pro Humanitate Days format in 2021.

Hashtag GoodWearsBlack

Submitted Activities Leader Board

By Graduation Year

1. Class of 2015

2. Tie Class of 2016 and Class of 2013

3. Tie Class of 2006 and Class of 1982

By State

1. North Carolina

2. Virginia

3. Georgia

By Graduate Program

1. Master of Business Administration

2. Tie Juris Doctor and Master of Arts in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

3. Doctor of Medicine

By Undergraduate Major

1. Communication

2. Business

3. Tie English and Politics and International Relations

By University Affiliation

1. Alumni

2. Staff Members

3. Parents

“Pro Humanitate is the cord that binds Wake Forest Alumni together. You can participate in WFU Pro Humanitate Days by finding a way to serve or donate wherever you live – even if you are like me and are a Joplin, MO Wake Forest Community of One. Take a moment to register yourself and if you are on social media, make a post or upload a photo and use the hashtag #GoodWearsBlack. Let’s show the world why we are proud to be Deacons. ” JANE CAGE ('78)
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Good Wears Black with top hat and halo