Pro Humanitate Days

Pro Humanitate Days

Pro Humanitate Days 2023

March 25 – April 2

Wake Foresters everywhere, it is once again time for our annual celebration of the Pro Humanitate spirit. We invite WFU alumni, families, and friends to find time during this year’s Pro Humanitate Days to serve your community either by joining one of our community-organized events or completing a project on your own.  Thank you for helping to show the world that #GoodWearsBlack.

How to participate in Pro Humanitate Days 2023:

Community events will be planned by alumni leaders. Have a project in mind? Email John Champlin at More information to come!

“Pro Humanitate is the cord that binds Wake Forest Alumni together. You can participate in WFU Pro Humanitate Days by finding a way to serve or donate wherever you live – even if you are like me and are a Joplin, MO Wake Forest Community of One. Take a moment to register yourself and if you are on social media, make a post or upload a photo and use the hashtag #GoodWearsBlack. Let’s show the world why we are proud to be Deacons. ”


Pro Humanitate Days 2019

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Good Wears Black with top hat and halo