Pro Humanitate Days

Pro Humanitate Days

Pro Humanitate Days 2020

Though we find ourselves in challenging circumstances, Wake Foresters everywhere have a unique opportunity to demonstrate our Pro Humanitate spirit, to serve others, and to give of ourselves for the betterment of humanity, even from the confines of our homes. This year we are encouraging alumni, parents, students, and friends to take at least one action that shows the world that #GoodWearsBlack. Below are suggestions and an opportunity for you to let us know how you served.

Our communities could all use a bit more care.  Good thing that’s exactly what Deacs are prepared to give.

To Participate:

1. Complete a Pro Humanitate Activity in your community:
Even with social distancing and movement restrictions, you can still take action to assist your friends and neighbors. This page has a number of activity suggestions as well as a list of recommended community partners throughout the United States.

2. Share your Service
Post pictures and share how you are serving using #GoodWearsBlack

3. Record your Pro Humanitate Activity
We want to recognize you for you service. Complete the form linked above so that we may highlight all of the care being shown to our community by Wake Foresters everywhere. Additionally, completing and reporting a Pro Humanitate Activity earns you your E (Engage) and A (Advocate) Loyal Deac letters. Please submit your activity by June 30.

Submitted Activities Leader Board

By Graduation Year

1. Class of 2015

2. Class of 2016

3. Class of 2013

By State

1. North Carolina

2. Virginia

3. Georgia

By Graduate Program

1. Tie Master of Arts in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Master of Business Administration

2. Juris Doctor

3. Doctor of Medicine

By Undergraduate Major

1. Communication

2. Business

3. English

By University Affiliation

1. Alumni

2. Staff Members

3. Parents

“Pro Humanitate is the cord that binds Wake Forest Alumni together. You can participate in WFU Pro Humanitate Days by finding a way to serve or donate wherever you live – even if you are like me and are a Joplin, MO Wake Forest Community of One. Take a moment to register yourself and if you are on social media, make a post or upload a photo and use the hashtag #GoodWearsBlack. Let’s show the world why we are proud to be Deacons. ” JANE CAGE ('78)
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Good Wears Black with top hat and halo