Pro Humanitate Days

Pro Humanitate Days 2020

By joining fellow Deacs in your local community and across the nation, you can serve in the spirit of Pro Humanitate and make a difference. Choose to connect with old friends and make a few new ones, while showing the world that #GoodWearsBlack, during Pro Humanitate Days, April 25 – May 3, 2020.

Interested in planning a Pro Humanitate Days event in your WAKECommunity?  Watch this webinar to learn more.  Contact John Champlin ( if you have additional questions.

Ways to Participate:

1. Volunteer with a WAKECommunity:
Join other Deacs in your community and register for Pro Humanitate Days 2020.
Interested in planning an event in your community?  Fill out this form so a member of the Alumni Engagement team can reach out to you.

2. Volunteer as a WAKECommunity of One:
If you do not live near a participating WAKECommunity (or cannot join a planned project), you can still be a part of Pro Humanitate Days by finding a way to serve or donate wherever you live. As an example, fill a bag with items from this list of foods that are most requested by food distributing organizations and deliver it to your local food bank

3. Share photos and challenge classmates using #GoodWearsBlack.

“Pro Humanitate is the cord that binds Wake Forest Alumni together. You can participate in WFU Pro Humanitate Days, April 25-May 3, 2019, by finding a way to serve or donate wherever you live – even if you are like me and are a Joplin, MO Wake Forest Community of One. Take a moment to register yourself and if you are on social media, make a post or upload a photo and use the hashtag #GoodWearsBlack. Let’s show the world why we are proud to be Deacons. ” — JANE CAGE ('78)