The Wake Forest University Office of Alumni Engagement supports two kinds of affinity programming: affinity groups and affinity reunions. For more information about all affinity and identity programs, to get involved with an existing affinity group, or to plan an affinity reunion, please contact Gray Allen (‘09), Associate Director of Affinity & Identity Programs at

What Are Affinity Groups?

Wake Forest University Affinity Groups are communities of alumni, parents, students, and friends of Wake Forest connecting on the basis of shared interests or experiences. Affinity Groups are created by alumni around a profession, special interest, identity, or student group and provide alumni, parents, students, and friends with opportunities for networking, professional or personal development, lifelong learning, resource sharing, and an expanded sense of community. Similar to our regional alumni communities, Wake Forest Affinity Groups exist through the support of a volunteer leadership team that provides opportunities for virtual interactions and in-person events, on campus and out in our communities, that bring the Affinity Group members together in support of the group’s mission.

What Are Affinity Reunions?

Affinity reunions are gatherings of alumni based on their affiliation to a specific group, experience, identity, or common connection. Many affinity reunions are planned in the year of a milestone anniversary, such as 25 years since a choral group started or 40 years since a the campus chapter of a sorority was colonized. However, affinity reunions can also be planned to bring together a specific identity population, such as the LGBT+ alumni community or Hispanic/Latino alumni. A reunion can be as simple as a casual brunch, evening cocktail reception or weekend full of activities.

Affinity Group Resources

Affinity Group Guide – We have compiled information and other resources that will assist you in organizing and sustaining an effective affinity group. View and/or download the guide.

If you are interested in creating a new affinity group or serving as a volunteer for an existing affinity group please read through the Affinity Group Resource Guide and reach out to Gray Allen (’09) ( in the Office of Alumni Engagement. Gray will work with you to complete necessary steps and assist you in completing the New Affinity Group Worksheet.