Organize an Event

We’re always looking for new Pro Humanitate Days event leaders to help spread the spirit of service across the globe.  If you’re interested in organizing a Pro Humanitate Days event, below are some items to consider:

  • What cause (or causes) have the most pressing need(s) in your area?
  • Does the organization you’re looking to assist require training for volunteers?
  • Is there a minimum age that volunteers must be? (ie, is this a family-friendly volunteer opportunity, or adults only?)
  • Are there other Pro Humanitate Days events in your area that may conflict with your event?
  • Will the organization be able to accommodate a wide-range of skill levels?
  • Is there a minimum/maximum number of volunteers who are able to serve at one time?
  • Will volunteers need to provide specific equipment or tools?
  • Is there a monetary contribution required by the organization for a group volunteer opportunity?
  • Does the organization have a Wake Forest connection? Be that a staff member, board member, or volunteer who is a Wake Forester, this extra connection to the organization is a special opportunity for your Community to support both a fellow Wake Forester and a great organization!

If you have additional questions about organizing an event, please reach out to John Champlin at