Recently, Steve (’04) Haberstroh and Tom Haberstroh (’08) contacted the Alumni Engagement Office and told us about the #ALSPepperChallenge.

Their mother, Patricia, was diagnosed with ALS in October.  The Haberstroh family decided to take this awful diagnosis and turn it into a positive movement.  So on December 23rd, while the family was together for Christmas, they started the #ALSPepperChallenge.  Similar to the Ice Bucket Challenge, participants eat a hot pepper, film it, post it to social media and nominate three people to do the same.  The challenge has since gone viral and global.

The idea is to raise awareness and funds for ALS.  They are asking people to donate to the ALS Therapy Development Institute ( because they are 100% focused on finding a cure.  After a recent anonymous $100,000 donation, their dedicated fundraising page has raised over $212,000 and thousands of dollars are coming in each day.  But they aren’t done.  Their goal is $1 million and beyond, because as the motto of the ALS TDI states, “ALS is not an incurable disease. It is an underfunded one.”

In the spirit of Pro Humanitate, we recruited our very own Evan McMillan (’07) and Anthony Tang (’11) to complete the challenge.

Hundreds of Wake Forest alumni have completed the challenge, including Mit Shah (’91).  Numerous celebrities, including Kelly Clarkson, Jimmy Kimmel, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Cheryl Hines, Nancy O’Dell, and Andy Cohen, have also joined the #ALSPepperChallenge.

We challenge all Wake Forest alumni, parents, families, and friends to take part in the #ALSPepperChallenge and donate to the ALS Therapy Development Institute (  Thanks to the Haberstroh family for creating such an incredible and unique way to support a great cause!

#GoodWearsBlack #GoDeacs 🎩 🌶

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