We are still in mourning over here in the office of Alumni Engagement as our beloved Streakin’ Deacon has driven off into the eternal highway in the sky. Oh, but the good memories it has left us with: remember the national championship down in Houston? Remember when we surprised Dorothy Todd (’61) in Denver or when we threw a block party in Joplin, MO for Jane Cage (’78)? How about those redwood forests in Oregon or the sunset in San Diego? Did Dave Grundies (’73) really try to drive it from L.A.? How in the world did we manage to drive that thing in New York City? Remember what it felt like to drop off all those hurricane relief supplies to the IMPACT center in Rocky Mount after Matthew?

Although we will miss the Streakin’ Deacon, it is certainly no challenge celebrating the incredible year we have had. And it would not have been possible with you, our even more beloved alumni. Thank you for making each of our stops so memorable.

As this blog continues to grow, it will hold the memories of the Streakin’ Deacon Tour, while providing you with information about upcoming events and programs. It is true the Streakin’ Deacon has gone away for now, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t brewing up other exciting opportunities for you. There is no greater way to build community and have meaningful conversations than our Call to Conversation dinners. Our WAKECommunities page is another great resource if you are curious about ways you can plug in with other WFU alums in your city. Additionally, our Streakin’ Deacon Instagram will convert to a broader WFU Alumni account; follow along there and on the Twitter to stay up to date on. As always, give us a call if you have any questions or just want to reminisce about the Streakin’ Deacon. Stay tuned for a Streakin’ Deacon afterlife ;)


The Office of Alumni Engagement team

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