Beloved reader,

You you may recall the circumstances of our previous correspondence. Our heroes and the Streakin’ Deacon, were literally suspended in adventure deep in the Florida Keys. With nothing but a few roadside tools, an electric drill, and a robust palm branch, our protagonists leveraged themselves out of the sand and arrived safely back in North Carolina with harrowing tales and a lengthy maintenance list. Fortunately the repairs were speedy and our trusty bus returned to the road. Here’s some things we have done since then.

Rocky Mount Happy Hour at Rocky Mount Mills. If you think Rocky Mount, NC is a sleepy little eastern town, think again. Rocky Mount Mills, a converted cotton factory, hosts an exciting and delicious array of culinary and beverage options. It was the perfect place for the Streakin’ Deacon and our WFU alums to meet. Thanks to all who attended.

The Streakin’ Deacon made its first race appearance at the Deacon Dash shortly afterwards and cheered on runners with Down syndrome. The Sky Deck was a hit with racers and fans alike!

Spring found us back in the south where we had a “turtley” awesome time with our alums in Athens, GA at Terrapin Brewing. Can somebody say, “shell yea!?”

The fun did not stop there as we headed east to Augusta, GA to help host the annual Master’s reception. Let’s just say the Streakin’ Deacon fit snugly into our host alum’s driveway :) The Streakin’ Deacon was a hole-in-one with the guests and the evening carried on in laughter and good cheer.

We made a brief stop in Fort Mill, SC to say hey to all our hard working WFU alums at Red Ventures. We were in Winston just long enough to tailgate the spring football game before turning around and heading back to Marietta, GA for a happy hour at Red Hare Brewing. If you follow us on Instagram you will know that Red Hare Brewing was the site of an exciting display of trick shots from some of our future deacs.

On to Atlanta for some hearty BBQ at Smokebelly and even heartier laughs with our Atlanta alums. The I-85 bridge collapse couldn’t keep this group from having fun! Our time in Atlanta concluded on Friday afternoon with an Easter egg hunt in Piedmont Park. Word has it that the Easter Bunny made an appearance and was hiding black and gold eggs! We were able to give the leftover food to some of the homeless people living in the park. We were all grateful for the opportunity to help.

This all leads us to Birmingham, Al where I currently sit writing you and await a happy hour at Cahaba Brewing on Tuesday. Hard to believe so much has happened since Florida but it is not hard to believe the upcoming adventure the summer has in store for the Streakin’ Deacon as it makes its way across the country. California here we come! Stay tuned for more stories from the road and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Go Deacs!



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