Hey guys!

I have an awesome story to tell you and I’m so excited I can barely stand it! Let’s hop right in:

It all starts with these wonderful WFU Orlando Alums:

We were all hanging out at the Streakin’ Deacon sipping on some Broken Cauldron Taproom brews and catching up. Prior to the event, we had asked alums to bring a Walgreens gift card as a donation to Grace Medical Home. Grace Medical Home – co-founded by Marvin Hardy (P’17) – provides high quality and continuous healthcare to Central Florida’s underserved. These gift cards would help subsidize cover prescription costs. The Orlando alums heeded the call and contributed way more than we could have ever imagined!

Here’s what happened soon after we pulled up to Grace Medical Home and realized the keys were locked in the Streakin’ Deacon with all of the gift cards. Fret not! Thankfully, the passenger side window was unlocked (big thanks to Carla Hardy (P’17)) and my feet were grippy. Not sure I would’ve been able to make the ascent if it weren’t for the Crux days back at WFU. Just another way Wake educates the whole person.

Here’s me giving over $200 of Walgreens gift cards to Marvin Hardy on behalf of the Orlando WFU alumni.

This is the entire Grace Medical Home staff high atop the Streakin’ Deacon: happy and thankful. This is what the Streakin’ Deacon is all about – serving WFU alumni and communities nationwide while having a great time doing it. Oh and one more thing: you can’t lock out Pro Humanitate!

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