<em>Sometimes, a “glass of the finest” takes shape as a bottle of clean water when you need it the most.</em>

Chelsea here! This blog post is coming from the heart today for a couple of reasons.  First, this is the Streakin’ Deacon team’s first post from the road.  Second (and most importantly), today’s mission is all about <em>Pro Humanitate.</em>

As I’m writing, Owen and I are on our way to a Red Cross shelter in Tarboro, NC where over 400 people have been displaced from their homes by flood waters resulting from Hurricane Matthew.  Not only are we bringing a Streakin’ Deacon full of supplies, but we are also being followed by our gracious friends in facilities who rose to the call when we needed a <em>second truck!</em>

Last week we called upon the Wake Forest and greater Winston Salem communities to help us support those in need.  We could never have anticipated the tremendous response from our friends and neighbors.  Over 100 people came out over two days, bringing food, pillows, blankets, clothes, cleaning supplies, baby formula, diapers, and so much more. We have been so inspired by the outpouring of love and support. I know I speak for both of us when I say how blessed we feel to serve as the messengers for this great mission.

Be sure to stay tuned on social media as we arrive, unload, and volunteer throughout the day.  After all, we couldn’t have done this without y’all!

Streakin’ Deacon Love,


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