The Streakin’ Deacon is no Google car so it still requires a pair of drivers. No doubt a self-driving Streakin’ Deacon would be cool, but you wouldn’t get two bright, smiling faces to greet you when you walked up. Wake Forest is all about people. So without further ado…

Chelsea Klein

She wouldn’t let me type her bio so here are a few things she said about herself. She’s a better writer than me anyways:

Hello Deacs, far animg_6982d wide! My name is Chelsea and I make up one half the Streakin’ Deacon team. I graduated from Wake in 2014, but during my senior year I decided that I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Mother, So Dear. Luckily, they let me stay! I stuck around Tribble Hall for two more years getting my Masters in English before making my new professional home in Alumni Hall. Some of my strongest passions are engaging with people, gushing about Wake Forest, and color-coded Mircosoft Excel spreadsheets, so I really think I nailed the job search.

Fun Facts:

  1. I am a fur mom to two kitties, Peek (AKA, Peek the Deac) and Willow.
  2. I was recently described by a colleague as the coxswain of our office. Flattering, but not totally surprising given the fact that I was one for four years at WFU. I am currently in my second year coaching for the Wake Forest Rowing team.
  3. I named my everyday driver Norm because a white, Honda civic is pretty Normal. I think Norm is a little jealous of how much cooler the Streakin’ Deacon is, though.

Owen Stone


That’s me driving the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and eating a hot dog and wearing a hot dog shirt. Hot Dog Inception. The Wienermobile is really my only claim to fame outside of my WFU diploma (Class ’14 in English Literature). I drove the 27 ft hot dog on wheels for a year with the hotdogger name of Oweenie. Think the name suites me well.

Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I’ve had three babies named after me
  2. Flown a bush plane over a glacier in Alaska
  3. Own a Remington Model 6 typewriter from 1896. Sounds like a gun but I promise it’s a typewriter.
  4. Recreational fruit sticker collector
  5. Commonly misspell Tuesday (Teusday) and writer (writter). Ugh


You’ll be hearing a lot more from us over the next few months as we keep you posted from our adventures on the road. Don’t be a stranger!



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