img_6870-5It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s…it’s…The Streakin’ Deacon!

Introducing Wake Forest’s very own 42ft Airstream RV. We don’t want to toot our own horns or anything (pun intended) but this is the coolest bus you’ll ever see. And the best part is: we are driving it to you, our loyal alumni.

This baby has it all:

  • 42 feet of Old Gold and Black
  • WFU fight song horn (told you we would toot our horn)
  • 25 person Skydeck (yea, you can stand on the roof)
  • Custom WFU interior and conference room
  • 3 flat screen TVs and 50’ exterior, flip out TV

Our Mission: Take Wake Forest to the People

The Streakin’ Deacon Tour is an opportunity for you to reconnect with Wake Forest when a visit to campus isn’t in the cards. We want to meet you in your towns and take Wake Forest to your communities. This time, we are making the commute. 

In other words, we are a meeting place, a conference room, an alumni lounge, an acceptance letter, a surprise visit, a party deck, a tailgate, a flat screen TV to watch the game, a cold beer, good BBQ, a game of corn hole, and a place to reminisce about Old Wake Forest. If it’s been several years since you’ve even thought about Wake Forest, we would love to help you figure out ways plug back in. Our one measure of success: you walk away from a Streakin’ Deacon Tour event feeling better about Wake Forest. Sound like fun?

Because you’re worth it!

Why are we going through all this trouble you ask? Because Wake Forest cares about you. At WFU, you don’t stop being a Deacon just because you stopped paying tuition or walked across a stage.  Deacon-ship is a lifelong, two-way commitment. It’s better to say “thank you” in person anyways.

Where are we going?

North Carolina is our home so we figured it would be a good place to kick things off. From the blue mountains of Asheville to the white sands of Wilmington, we will be making stops all across NC. Although our Wake Forest alumni extend far beyond state boundaries, it is here in NC where Samuel Wait conceived the idea of a college and where we want to visit alumni in some of the towns–BIG and small–that have helped make our University so great.

Yes, you can reserve it too!

Visit our website at and fill out a request form.  Easy as Rah Rah Wake Forest Rah. Our phones are ringing off the hook so this allows us to get to know you a little without having to put you on hold. No one wants to be on hold.

Stay up to date

We are on the road a lot so stay up to date by reading our blog and following us on twitter @streakindeac and instagram @streakindeac. We want to hear from you so share your #streakindeacon stories and holla at us if we are near you. That’s about it for now.

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