We are pleased to announce the 2015-16 Alumni Council Innovation Fund winners. The Innovation Fund Selection Committee has chosen to fund Atlanta’s Top Class Topgolf Tournament submitted by the Atlanta Club, Hit the Bricks – D.C. submitted by the D.C. Club and Wake Forest Night at the Winston-Salem Open submitted by the Winston-Salem Club.

Atlanta’s Top Class Topgolf Tournament is an event that will consist of a golf competition designed to attract experienced golfers, novices, men and women alike.  Members of the various graduating classes/class decades will form teams that will compete by swinging a club in an attempt to hit micro-chipped balls into dartboard-like targets. At the end of the evening of games, appetizers and drink service, the winning team will have earned the right to have their name/year engraved on the Top Class Topgolf trophy.

Hit the Bricks – D.C. is mirroring the on-campus tradition. Teams will run laps around a section of the National Mall raising donations based on the number of laps they complete.  We will convene on the Mall after the event and have a brief presentation about the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.

Wake Forest Night at the Winston-Salem Open offers local alumni the opportunity to support a unique community event while providing an informal forum for social and/or professional networking among fellow Wake Foresters.

As always, there were some wonderfully innovative submissions this year, and we look forward to supporting more club programming in the years to come. If you are interested in getting feedback with regard to your club’s proposal, please contact Patricia Boone.

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