The third Young Alumni Professional Development Series was May 1st from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in Farrell Hall on Wake Forest’s campus. Meghan Cline gave a fascinating presentation on the origin and effects of stress, and how we can combat and manage the impact it has on our work and personal life. Read more below, and click on the link to see a video of the presentation and accompanying slides.

This is Your Brain on Stress: Tips and Tools for Letting Go and Moving Through
Meg Cline (’04), Wellness Coach and Author of “Inside Out Weight Management”
Ever feel like you’re permanently in “fight or flight” mode? Is stress interfering with your sleep, eating habits, job or relationships? Explore how stress and your well-being are connected and learn specific strategies and useful tools for reducing the impact of stress on your health and your life.

Please reach out to Stephen Edwards if you have any questions. We also hope to see you at the Young Alumni Tailgate on May 15th: RSVP HERE

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