The second Young Alumni Professional Development Series was April 3rd from 5:30-6:30pm in Farrell Hall on Wake Forest’s campus. Matthew Phillips led the group in a discussion about business ethics, and how we can grow not only in our understand of how to recognize ethics, but also follow through on them. Read more below, and click on the link to see a video of the presentation and accompanying slides. There is also an “additional resources guide” that many will find helpful.

Business Ethics: Philosophy, Psychology, and Profit
Matthew Phillips (’00, ’06 JD), Professor in WFU School of Business

“We’ve known for years that the mantra, just do the right thing, isn’t a good enough foundation for ethical decisions. Actually, we are hard-wired for poor decisions, particularly under stress of being productive and valuable at work. Come learn how to use intuition and an ethical decision process to hold on to principle and profit.”

A PDF of the  handout from the presentation is available here.

SAVE THE DATE – Next Presentation in the Series
Part 3, May 1st – This is Your Brain on Stress: Tips & Tools for Letting Go and Moving Through

Please reach out to Stephen Edwards if you have any questions!

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