On Wednesday February 26th, 15 junior men gathered for the Junior Men’s Dinner. This program is a collaboration between Campus Life’s My Journey initiative, the Office of Alumni Services, and the Office of Personal & Career Development (OPCD). The dinner facilitates discussion with WFU faculty, staff and alumni. Topics include paths to success, work/life balance, and navigating the transition from college to post-college life.

What impact does this have on the Wake Forest Community?
“This dinner helped me think about how I frame my priorities, and why I want to do the things that I do. It helped me think of new ideas, and reflect on daily habits.”
-Class of 2015 Participant

“It was encouraging to realize that I am not the only person going through the challenges of defining my career. I am now more confident in my ability to do so, and find success.”
-Class of 2015 Participant

“I think the facilitators get just as much out of the experience as the Junior guys do. Participating in events like the dinner are important to me because they allow me to stay connected to Wake Forest and afford me the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way. Helping students prepare to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters you’ve been through is a very satisfying feeling.”
-Evan Raleigh (’09, ’10 MAM)

“Serving as a mentor to current Wake Forest students is one way for me to give back to the place that gave me so much. I get a lot of joy and energy from getting to know fellow Wake Foresters, and the on campus dinners with students provide meaningful time to make those important connections. These experiences strengthen my ties to dear old Wake Forest.”
-Charlie McCurry (’05, ’08 JD)

Thanks so much to our Spring 2014 facilitators!
David Clark, Chief Administrative & Integrative Student Services Officer, Schools of Business
Derek Hicks, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Religion & Culture
Charlie McCurry (’05, ’08 JD), Broker, Commercial Realty Advisors
Evan Raleigh (’09, ’10 MA), Assistant to the City Manager, City of Winston-Salem
Matt Williams (’09), Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, OPCD

Junior Men's Dinner 4

Junior Men's Dinner 6

Junior Men's Dinner 7

Junior Men's Dinner 8

If you would be interested in participating in one of these dinners on campus in the future, or hosting something similar in your local WFU Alumni Club, please reach out to Stephen Edwards in the Alumni Office.

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