On Tuesday January 18th, 15 junior women gathered for the Junior Women’s Dinner. This program is a collaboration between Campus Life’s My Journey initiative, the Office of Alumni Services, and the Office of Personal & Career Development (OPCD). The dinner facilitates discussion with WFU faculty, staff, and alumni. Topics include paths to success, work/life balance, and navigating the transition from college to post-college life.

What impact does this have on the Wake Forest Community?
“It was so inspiring and helpful to have a diverse group of successful women conversing with us. This was a valuable experience that was much richer than I imagined.”
-Class of 2015 Participant

“This program gave me a reassurance that after life will always bring changes, and that it will all work out. I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders that I don’t have to have it all together.”
-Class of 2015 Participant

“These events are important to me because I benefited from similar activities as a student. I’ve always had great mentors to lean on now I am in the position to do so for others. My expectation is that these young women will also “pay it forward” and continue a great Wake Forest tradition.”
-Alana James (’09)

“Participating in the junior women’s dinner was such a fulfilling event. Having the opportunity to speak with these talented young women made me reflect on myself at that place in life and I was so honored to have a chance to tell them the things that I wish I had known, answer their questions, and quell their fears about the uncertainty of life after graduation. I honestly think I gained as much as they did from the experience!”
-Donna Cauble (’07, ’14 MBA)

Thanks so much to our Spring 2014 facilitators!
Jennifer Collins, J,D., University Vice Provost, Professor of Law
Donna Cauble (’07, ’14 MBA), Sales & Marketing Analyst, BB&T
Shayla Herndon-Edmunds, Diversity Education Program Manager
Alana James (’09), Director of Community Planning & Investment, United Way
Pat Lord, Ph.D., Director, Health Professionals Program, Senior Lecturer in Biology





If you would be interested in participating in one of these dinners on campus in the future, or hosting something similar in your local WFU Alumni Club, please reach out to Stephen Edwards in the Alumni Office.

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