On Monday, October 22 over 70 Wake Foresters in D.C. gathered at Hill Country BBQ to watch the third and final Presidential debate.

Attendees arrived at 7:30 p.m. to socialize, prepare for the date, and enjoy delicious BBQ and other snacks.

D.C. Club

D.C. Club

Everyone began watching the debate at 9 p.m. The lively debate party included real-time polling of the audience using clickers.

D.C. Club

D.C. Club

Special guest, Allan Louden, Professor of Political Communication here at Wake Forest, provided expert commentary. Professor Louden has provided analysis for USA Today, The LA Times, MSNBC, Newsweek and other major media outlets. He is an expert in debate prep, and helped to frame the debate and to provide insight into the election. Many alumni at the event enjoyed seeing him.

Professor Louden with former Benjamin Franklin Fellows Artyom Bakulin, Andrea Ruiz, and Kabul Allakhunov.

Professor Louden with Khalid Jones (’00).

Professor Louden with Mike Perry (’09) and Patrick McMullen (’97).

Professor Louden with Seth Gannon (’09), Sean Luechtefeld (’09), Elyse MacNamara (’10), Shawn Isinhue, and Tom DeFranco (’10).

Thank you to everyone who attended!

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