Is there a knock-your-socks off event you’ve been wanting to host for your WF Club? But you just didn’t quite know how to pay for it? Well, look no further – apply for the Innovation Fund! This fund can provide your WF Club with some extra cash to hold an original event in your area.

The funding is awarded based on Wake Forest’s fiscal year. Most recently, three clubs were awarded $1,000 each for June 2011 – June 2012. The winning events were the Cleveland WF Club’s Wake Comes to Northeast Ohio, the Nashville WF Club’s Wakestock, and the Raleigh WF Club’s Fall Festival.

Wake Comes to Northeast Ohio will bring a noteworthy Wake Forest representative to Northeast Ohio to speak on what is happening at Wake Forest. Wakestock will use the rich musical resources available in Nashville to bring in singers and/or songwriters with Wake Forest connections to perform at an open mic concert during the club’s annual picnic. The Fall Festival in Raleigh will take place on the grounds of the Wake Forest Birthplace Museum. There will be an informal BBQ lunch, activities for children, and tours of the museum.

Sound exciting? Of course it does. So get your thinking caps on because we are now accepting proposals for the 2012-2013 fiscal year! Keep this in mind when applying: the Innovation Fund is designed to foster innovative club programming for the purpose of establishing an enriching and sustainable connection between Wake Forest University and her constituents. Clubs receive funding for their creative event ideas with the goal of increasing alumni participation.

Submissions are due March 16, 2012. Please note that each individual club request for funding cannot exceed $1,500.

Submit an Innovation Fund Application for your club »

The National Program Development Committee will meet in April to determine this year’s recipient(s). Winner(s) will be announced no later than May 1, 2012.

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