Information About the Blocking Process

Wake Forest University Advancement utilizes Blackbaud CRM to facilitate communications with our Alumni, Parents, Friends, and Families. Although rare, email addresses can be added to their blocked list. This results in WFU no longer being able to send communications to that address.

Why Was I Added to the Block List?

Email addresses are added to Blackbaud’s blocklist for one of two reasons:

Removing Yourself From the Blocked List

To remove yourself from the blocked list, simply fill out the Unblockme@Blackbaud form below. You will receive a code to your email address that you will need to retrieve to verify your identity. This triggers Blackbaud’s automation to conduct a blocklist check within approximately one hour of receiving your request. The total resolution time depends on the type of block that has occurred on your email address.

TIS (This is Spam) Complaints

For addresses that were blocklisted due to a TIS complaint, the automation process will conduct the blocklist check and reply to your request noting a status of “Pending”. A real person is then alerted to investigate further. This type of delisting can take up to 24 hours to fully process. Once the request is completed you will receive a reply with the final status.

Hard-bounced Addresses

If the address is listed, the automation process will delist it and reply to you with the status. If the address is not listed, you will still receive a status reply noting such.

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