Traditions Council

Founded in 2006, the Traditions Council exists to foster the old traditions of Wake Forest and start new ones as well. The group’s purpose is to educate and inform students through programs about Wake Forest’s past and the future. Wake Forest is an institution all its own, and the Traditions Council strives to help Mother, So Dear hold onto her values, history, and traditions.

2021-2022 Traditions Council

Kendall Killian ’22
Jenny Foster ’22
Davis Brady ’23
Emily Hellwig ’23

Anna Lummus ’22
Atman Satpathy ’22
Garrett Fisch ’22
Greyson Lehman ’22
Mary Caroline Funk ’22
Mary Liz Bell ’22
Samantha Wood ’22
Sara Vigiano ’22
Wills Combes ’22
Laney Reed ’22
Anna Ray Ziegler ’23
Brooks Kennedy ’23
Haley Respass ’23
Molly Matthews ’23
Thomas Smith ’23
Rob Treadway ’23
Sarah Taylor ’23
Woods Curry ’24
Caroline Harman ’24
Ian Kirner ’24
Grace Kleman ’24
Danielle Parker ’24