Alumni Council

Fall 2016 Meeting

  • This fall’s meeting will coincide with Homecoming & Reunions Weekend.  Make plans to join us October 28-29, 2016.

What is the Alumni Council?
The Wake Forest Alumni Council acts as a link between the University administration and the alumni body of over 60,000. Council members work with the University to support alumni engagement, program development, annual giving campaigns, and student recruitment. The Council is closely aligned with WAKECommunities to engage and reach as many alumni locally as possible. The Council meets twice each year to receive updates on University initiatives and provide feedback from the alumni point-of-view.

Who is on the Alumni Council?
Currently there are 60 members from 15 states, representing cities such as Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Raleigh, San Francisco, Denver, and New York. There’s a broad range of class years represented – from the 1950s up to the last ten years. Each member serves a four year term.

In addition, there are four committees that work throughout the year on a given area of responsibility:

The Communications Committee focuses on leveraging new-media and current publications to connect alumni more closely with the University.

The National Program Development Committee focuses on developing substantive programs to take place throughout the country involving faculty, admissions and administrators.

The Volunteer Identification and Development Committee focuses on identifying future volunteers for the National Clubs Organization and the Alumni Council and potential Distinguished Alumni Award nominees.

The Stewardship Committee works with fundraising and donor acknowledgement.

Know of someone who you think would make a great Alumni Council member? Nominate them here.