WIN Login for Alumni

Alumni can access WIN through their WFU Alumni Gmail accounts. Follow the instructions below to access your unofficial transcript, 1098-T tax form, AIA information, and other valuable resources in WIN.

1. Open a web browser and log into your alumni Gmail account (

  • If you’ve forgotten your username or password, please visit and click on the “Forgot username or password?” link. When prompted to enter your email address, please submit the email address where you normally receive communications from Wake Forest, not your address. If you reset your WakeNetwork password, please wait 20 minutes to allow that password to sync with Gmail.

2. After logging into your alumni Gmail account, click on the “Google apps” grid in the top right corner. 1098t_grid

3. The “Google apps” grid will reveal a window. Click the word “More” at the bottom of this window.


4. Click “WIN” and you will be authenticated into WIN