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WIN: Email Forwarding For Life

What is Email-Forwarding-For-Life and why do I need it?

Email-Forwarding-For-Life (or EFFL) is a forwarding service provided to all alumni, parents, and friends who are WIN members. EFFL forwards email to any account of your choosing. It will not function as your account as it does not store email. EFFL merely gives you an email ‘residence’ that will never change. This makes it much easier to remain in touch as well as eliminating the need for announcing changes in email addresses caused by changing jobs or ISPs. EFFL is designed to help alumni maintain relationships with both colleagues and loved ones alike by providing a permanent email address.

I am a graduating senior. How do I get my alumni account?
If you are a graduating senior from the Undergraduate School or from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, you do not need to apply for a WIN account. Simply log onto WIN using your student ID and password, click on the “Personal” link followed by “Senior Registration for Email Forwarding.”

How do I sign up for EFFL?
You sign up for an Email-Forwarding-for-Life (EFFL) account by registering for WIN. Your EFFL address will be your WIN ID followed by


WIN-ID: Tom-Jones-88
Email-Forwarding-for-Life address:

Please specify only one address.

How do I retrieve my mail?
EFFL does not store your email. It simply forwards it to the email account which you maintain at work or at home. Email forwarded through your EFFL address is sent to you within seconds, thus you should experience no significant delays in email delivery times due to EFFL.

Email sent through EFFL is deposited with your ‘regular’ mail, and should be retrieved no differently than email sent to you normally. EFFL simply forwards email. As always, an email program which allows you to send, receive, and read mail is necessary for retrieving any mail.

Does EFFL prevent spam? Viruses?
Wake Forest has partnered with Barracuda, an anti-spam solution, to prevent unsolicited messages being passed through the EFFL service.

How does it work?
The spam blocker technology automatically scores incoming email and does one of three things with it:

1. Delivers the email to your inbox

2. Quarantines “suspicious” email into a separate quarantine folder (that you are able to access and review)

3. Blocks email that appears to be spam

The spam blocker filter is set at a low level to reduce false-positives and to block obvious spam. You will be able to access any mail in the Quarantine folder (so you can review it and ensure intended mail was not blocked). You can also customize your own personal settings to make the spam filter block more emails if you wish. More information here »

WIN also looks for viral attachments and will remove any attachments containing a virus. You will be notified if an attachment is removed from your message.

Is there any cost for using EFFL?
No. All WIN services, including EFFL are provided free for registered members. In order to utilize EFFL, however, you need to have internet access and an email account.

How do I change the address to which my email is forwarded?
To change your “forward to” address (where you receive your email), you will need to use the Personal Info service. Log into WIN, choose the “Personal” link and then click on “Maintain Email Forwarding.” Enter your new email address into the update field. Please allow one business day for this change to take effect.

To de-activate your Email-Forwarding-for-Life account simply enter “none” in the Forward My Email To: field on the update forwarding address form.

I don’t have email now. Can I still sign up?
You must maintain an email address with your business or an Internet Service Provider (i.e. AOL, Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) to take advantage of Email-Forwarding-for-Life but, you can still sign up for WIN. Simply enter “none” in the “Forward-to” field on the WIN registration form.