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Dining with the Deacs


» Looking for a home-cooked meal?
» A chance to ask for advice on what’s next?
» An opportunity to practice professional and social etiquette?


» Looking to reconnect with your alma mater?
» Want to give back to Wake Forest by serving as a resource to current students?

Dining with the Deacs presents an unique opportunity for current students to connect with alumni from a variety of professional and academic backgrounds right here in Winston-Salem.

Each semester, several local alumni host a dinner in their homes for current students, with a discussion centered on a topic of their choice. Alumni are encouraged to invite other Wake Forest friends to join in!


Alumni Engagement provides all the communication, logistics, and tips to make the evening as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Contact us to find out more.

“David (’99) and I love hosting Dining with the Deacs because it is such a great way to connect with current students and learn about their Wake Forest experience.  It is a pleasure to host these great kids in our house and being with them makes you so proud to be alumni. They are so appreciative of the experience as well!” – Shelley Holden (’00, JD ’03)


Amanda Satterwhite’s (’13) attended a Dining with the Deacs dinner; read on to learn more about what it is like to participate in this program.

How did you hear about this dinner? I got an email about the dinner. I had gotten the emails before, but this topic sounded especially interesting to me.

What made you want to attend a Dining with the Deacs dinner? I thought it would be nice to get off campus and have a home-cooked meal. Just getting out of the bubble and being in someone’s home reminds me that there is life outside of Wake Forest, which takes away some stress!

What made you want to attend the Holden dinner specifically? The topic was especially interesting to me. It was posted as, “But I Want to do it All: Balancing Personal and Professional Goals After College.” This topic caught my attention, as I have so many goals of what type of career I want to have and what I want to achieve in my professional life; however, I also place quite a bit of importance on my personal relationships and the role I want to have in my community and my church after graduation. At Wake Forest, there is so much focus on academics and professional goals, so I wanted to hear the perspectives of people who had been through the Wake Forest experience, yet also invested in their personal lives.

What was one thing you learned from the evening? I learned that the notion of the “Wake Forest Family” is so true! Wake likes to promote it, but it was neat to hear the couples who hosted us talk about how much they still love Wake Forest. It was encouraging to hear that they are still involved with the University and their friends from college more than ten years after graduation. I realized that I can truly be part of Wake Forest after I graduate. Which is great, because there’s a whole lot to love about this place.

What was the best part? Hmmm….food and conversation. I really can’t choose one or the other. As much as I love the Pit (and I’m not being facetious, I really do love the Pit), the food was delicious! And there’s something about eating in a home (not a cafeteria) that makes the food so much better! The conversation was great, ranging from discussion about our goals after college to advice on what must be on our bucket list before we leave Wake Forest. It was very casual and relaxed, which I appreciated.

What would you tell alumni considering whether to host a dinner or not? Do it! As students, we just want to hear your perspective on the issues and decisions we’re facing now.

What would you tell students considering whether to attend a future dinner or not? I would encourage them to sign up! If nothing else, it will be a relaxing and enjoyable evening. More likely, though, they’ll get to take advantage of Wake alums who have been where students are now, and who are willing to openly share their experiences.

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