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Alumni Directory F.A.Q.

What is the Online Alumni Directory?
The Online Alumni Directory is a searchable database of information on all alumni, parents, and friends of Wake Forest. Every entry, unless the preferences are otherwise set, contains an individuals name, association with Wake Forest, and contact information. The Directory also displays class year, course of study and Wake Forest degree attained by alumni.

Who can use the Online Alumni Directory?
Only alumni who have registered for WIN will have access to the Online Alumni Directory. Your information will not be accessible to everyone on the web. Applications for WIN use are reviewed by the Alumni Office daily.

Do my home address and phone number have to appear?
All alumni can select options to configure their own Personal Information page to limit what personal information is displayed in the Online Alumni Directory. These options include the ability to hide both your home and work addresses and phone numbers. Once hidden, your addresses and phone numbers will be invisible to everyone but yourself.

Alumnus Tom Jones ’88 may not want his home phone number and address showing. By choosing the Personal Information in the WIN main menu, Tom has complete control over the display of his address and phone number.

More about security…
WIN offers several layers of protection for its many users. It offers optional internal security and privacy, allowing members to hide their addresses and phone numbers if they desire. Not only does each and every alumni have the optional internal privacy, they are also protected from outsiders gaining access to the information. Remember, WIN allows only Wake Forest alumni, friends and parents to register and gain access to the Online Alumni Directory and WIN’s other services. Furthermore, any contact that a member and his/her computer have with WIN is carried out through ‘secure-mode’ in the browser, meaning that any information sent between the alum and WIN is encrypted so that outsiders and hackers have no access and cannot interrupt and view your information. To lay all fears to rest, WIN offers three layers of security for its users: optional internal privacy (ability to hide addresses and phone numbers), mandatory external security (allowing only alumni, friends and parents to register for WIN), and finally mandatory encryption (keeping your personal information out of the “outsider’s hands”).

If I conceal my address information will I still get my Wake Forest Magazine and mail from the Alumni Association?
Yes. If you should choose to conceal your address, it will be hidden to anyone who attempts to access it though the web. However, the Alumni Association uses the address database to send you mailings and the Wake Forest Magazine. Choosing to hide your address through WIN has absolutely no bearing on the accessibility of your address to the Alumni Association

I am having trouble finding the Alumni Directory
Once you have logged onto WIN, click on the Directories link followed by the Alumni Directory link.

Tips/Tricks to Searching the Directory
You can search the alumni directory by the following fields: Name, Association, Class Year, School, City, and Home State. You can also use the percent sign (%) as a wildcard character to further refine your searches.

For example, if you are trying to locate fictional alum Katheryn Smith and know that she graduated in the 1970s, you should search for “Smith, Katheryn” in the name field and “197%” in the class field. This will return all alumni named Katheryn Smith that graduated between 1970 and 1979.

If you are uncertain as to how fictional alumna Katheryn Smith spells her first name, you may want to search for “Smith, K%” in the name field and “197%” in the class field. This will return all alumni whose last name is smith, first name begins with a “K” and graduated between 1970 and 1979.

Name searches will return a match based on maiden name or married name.